One Tribe Sound

Gambia, West Africa, is one of the Dancehall capitals of the world. Therefore it should come as no surprise that one of the most innovative sounds within the dancehall circuit should hail from Gambia. The award winning ONE TRIBE Sound was founded in 1997 and has become truly international, playing New York, Gambia, Germany, Sweden and the U.K. Omsy B has taken the ONE TRIBE formula on air and is one of the most popular DJs for the West Midlands City limits radio (88.00).

Amongst its members is Pisces, one of the most famous DJs in The Gambia. He was one of those who started one tribe back in the USA. PISCES now resides in his home country so as to bring reggae music to the door steps of the Gambian Population. You are welcome to the similing coast of Africa and if you take that trip, do not miss to enjoy your thursdays and mondays nights @ WOW night Club. PISCES will take u to the world of dancehall on MOST GO THURSDAY. Mondays is and other thing @ WOW night Club, the Africallaince along side one tribe sound gonna give you all the new hip hop, reggae, and Dancehall cuts around the world.

Listen to Omsy B live on midlands underground 107 fm Saturday night from 9 till 12, or online at

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