David Rodigan

Rodigan was born of Scott/Irish parentage having a Scottish father and an Irish mother. His birthplace, Germany, was to be his home for the first four years of his life. Being what is colloquially known as an `army brat', Rodigan was raised in a few countries where his father was posted during his service with the British Forces.

At aged 4, his family relocated to North Africa where the ensuing four years found David living in Libya and also in Derna on the edge of the Sahara desert being as he recalls, "reared with the Arabs". His first glimpse of England came at the age of 8 when his family moved to the United Kingdom.

During his formative years and into his early teens, young Rodigan dwelt in a small village in Oxfordshire totally oblivious to anything outside of his own culture, least all black music and black people. He recalls that during this time he "'wasn't near a black community per se" and his ambition in life was to be a teacher, but although he qualified in this field, the call of the stage was too hard to resist and he took up theatre due to his Love of Shakespeare. His aim was to become a member of the royal Shakespeare Society after 3 years of attendance at the Rose Branford College of Speech and Drama. On embarking into the theatrical forum, Rodigan began with some theatre work in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and then moved onto television appearances in shows like "Sherlock Holmes' and `Dr Who'.

At the age of approximately 15, Rodigan began buying records leading up to his first playing out date at age 16 in 1967. The first arena for Rodigan's DJ skill was a youth club playing to teenagers like himself. It was at this point in his life in 1968 that he acquired his well-known nickname of `Ram Jam'. This name stemmed from his signing on and signing off at events with his signature tune by Jackie Mittoo entitled `Ram Jam'.


Host and afterjugglin' 22nd of september 2007 in BNC, Coupole: DAVID RODIGAN
- the host is responsible fi di votings! he have to announce every sound fi a fair vote! the host can not vote! the host translate wha di massive vote! the decision of the host is the law! the host can stop a soundrun if he see, or the jury tell him that the playin' sound disrespect the rules!

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