Ghetto Genius

Years formed: From around 1998 with father & Sons, Collaboration (Bullet & Cleve) Selectors & MC..s: Bullet & Teacher, Farda Cleve, Dipz (manager/promoter) Music Played: Dancehall, Revival, R&B, Hip Hop, and More Area Based: Northampton Most Memorable Experience: We have so many such as, in the early years playing with sounds such as, Saxon, David Rodigan, New Dimension, Cultural Roots, Anonymous, Sovereign and many more. We have also played alongside many dancehall artists such as, Gregory Issacs, Suga Minnot, Jr Frost, Action Fire, Merciless, Horace Andy and many more. Then over the years we went on to winning sound clashes such as, The Big Showdown, Anglia Cup 2004, which made us the youngest sound to represent the Anglia in the U.K cup clash held in Nottingham. We then went on to winning the 2006 Mortal Kombat 45 Cup. We have also played with sounds from all over the world such as, Bass Oddessy, Stone love, 4x4 Exodus, Black Kat, Tony Matterhorn, Kilamanjaro, Metro Media, Stone love, Amar and many more. Worst Experience: 2005 Anglia Cup Clash in 141. Also another bad experience was when Gregory Issacs and Suga Minnot didn..t turn up for a show. International Experiences: We played in Africa touring the whole of Gambia where we had a show every day of the week which has to be the best experience yet. Biggest Capacity Played to: Nottingham U.K Cup Clash, where there was thousands of people, and in Africa. Advice to Upcoming Sounds: Don..t be afraid to promote yourself to get your name out there. Stay away form violence and bad minded people, and just ...keep it real... Your Time: Thank you to all of our supporters through out the years of our career, also thank you to friends and family, nuff respect t o Rob & Tash, Nicky Boy, Robbo, Jr Frost, Golden Years Promotions, Joseph (Jubble) current JA Link, Daddy Freddy, Owen Issac, United Social club, Dancehall Experience Most of all ..Thanks to God for making everything possible in life Bless..

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