Almost 10 years ago, a referendum in our city of Biel - Bienne in switzerland granted a municipal loan to make the oldest autonomous youth center in Switzerland fit again for the next generation. In the last years we worked out the rest of the missing money through solidarity parties and events, worked out with different architects & specialists how the Coupole can look like in the future and be used optimally. In an association with base democracy this is not always easy, but we have now managed to meet the necessary requirements and received the official go for the start of construction works for the month of October this year. Since we had to stop promote Events for known reasons during the last months, the “old” Coupole could not be celebrated properly.

Now a small window has opened for us, that with the necessary measures allows us to open the doors for 2 weekends for the last time before the rebuilding and the reopening!

Coupole is largely responsible that we could carry our brands in the last 20 years to the world and we could offer several artists, bands , dj's & sounds a platform to celebrate the reggae culture in our country!

Therefore, we want to send a last time with our most successful brands a signal from the Coupole and celebrate with a very last dancehall party this duly! We will stream the pre-program (badda dan) of the actual party live and hope that those who cannot be live on the spot can still participate so. It will not be an official Clash, it should be an entertaining program that hopefully suits many! There will be no pre-sale for this event! Drop us a line so we can add you on the reservations list, valid till midnight!

All the people involved in this event are aware of the situation & possibilities we had/have and did their part to make it possible! Big Respect! Last but not least: thanks to everybody who was part of the program in couple in the last 10 years! All the shows happened generated a little something to make us step forward in the whole project! #gratefulinthenameofcoupole We’re looking forward for a mad crazy night in our so loved venue! BNC all out!

25. September 2021

8pm – 10pm MET Badda dan Flash
10pm – 6pm MET Bashment Party



The ticket from the badda dan-event will be valid for the afterparty!

25. September 2021

8pm – 10pm MET Badda dan Flash
10pm – 6pm MET Bashment Party


...the coupole as an autonom place has the rule all same rights fi everybody, that also mean no pre-sale for events!

We will have a reservations-list at the entry! You can subscribe to baddadanclash[AT]gmail[dot]com for the final in Biel - Switzerland
to be shure your name is on the list send full name to get identificated at the entry! The list contains 500 names & it's valid till midnight! After midnight the tickets will be sold at the entry...


In a Soundclash participate two or more sounds/sound systems alternating, mostly over several rounds, within a fixed time, their productions, made by singers individualy for the sound, the so-called Dubplates, against each other, which is still heated up by the MCs of the sounds. It's a measure in a musical contest. High point of a Clash is the Dub fi Dub, in which the sounds play alternating song for song their strongest and often rarest Dubplates. Usually are those Dubs in-sung by foundation Singers on foundation Riddims. In a clash with more than two sounds will be a voting after every/some rounds. The Host announce all the sound successively, the public vote with handsigns and noise. The sound with the less votes can’t join the next round. The last sound who will stay in the clash is the winner, the champion, and will get the trophy and the title


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