Camouflage sound started on Long Island, New York. Tummy, Scarface, Boogie and Skeletor. Two sets of brothers who grew up together and who loved reggae music. We would clash one another with the cassettes we collected and listen to them until the tapes would wear thin and pop. These cassettes were our main past time. We'd get them from friends, family, and street vendors. Killamanjaro, Metro Media, Stone Love, Gemini and many other sounds influenced us greatly. Growing up in New York we mainly enjoyed the sweet sound of reggae music and the gritty dancehall while most of our peers gravitated towards hip hop.
In 1994 while still in high school we decided to buy some speakers and use the hand me down amplifiers we received from a family member. We had been buying records for some time and had a pretty decent collection. So we came together and decided to build a sound named Camouflage. We started off doing house parties and small venues.
We were building a name for ourselves and had a good following but had to park the sound and go off to college to pursue higher education. Around 2001 Tummy felt as if something was missing, he missed the soundsystem culture and decided to round up the crew and try again. Everyone missed the music and especially cutting dubplates. We only had a few but we were proud of them. So we dusted off the equipment added some more hardware, speakers, and hit the studio. We concentrated on cutting war dubs with the love of Soundclash and always dreamed of clashing. In 2006 we felt we were ready to take a clash and we went on the battlefield. We didn't win, but we made it to "Dub fi Dub". The exhilarating feeling of getting forwards and our competitive spirit set us on a path of Soundclash. Since that first clash in 2006 we have clashed every year since. Camouflage juggles for most of the year when not clashing and we have weekly venues as well as juggled with some of the best sounds in the world. Today we have a team that includes Tummy, Scarface, Boogie, Mr Vibes, DJ Hex, A-plus, Kriss Kapone, Selector KP, Supa Xcite, and Omar Struggler Killa Chris.
We are based on Long Island, New York and also have selectors residing in Florida. Since returning in 01 we have been growing and mastering our craft. Entertaining the crowd delivering musical joy is our goal each time we play. Whether it's juggling for the ladies or Soundclash we are determined to do our best. We are even more passionate today and more motivated to spread reggae music to the four corners of the earth. Music, Love, and unity is Camouflage's guideline and with Gods grace we will stay on our musical journey for many years to come. Blessings to all the fans.

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