The Magic Tuts was founded in 2003 in Lausanne City (CH) and is now composed by 8 partners in crime.

We all started collecting vinyls, developing our knowledge of reggae, dancehall music and entertainment. Make the people dancing and enjoy them selves is our goal!

In 2004, the Magic Tuts built its own recording and working studio, where we have the chance to work with talented artists like: Buju Banton, Morgan Heritage, Capleton, Joseph Hill (RIP), Mykal Rose, Max Romeo, The Abyssinians and different top artists from all over ! The result is an impressive collection of specials, also called dubplates (tunes which where recorded for the soundsystem on special instrumental versions) that can only be played by the Magic Tuts sound. 'Till now the Magic Tuts had the chance to share the stage with artists like: Culture, Big Youth, Buju Banton, Anthony Johnson, Robert lee, Dennis Al Capone and Soundsytems like: David Rodigan, Killamanjaro, Mighty Crown, Civalizee Foundation, Guiding Star, Soul Stereo, Irie crew, and many more....

As an accomplished soundsystem, we can play from the early 60s to the latest tunes realesed in Jamaica. Ska, rocksteady, reggae roots, new-roots, dancehall, Hip-Hop & homemade RMX, the Magic Tuts is ready to bring you the type of vibes you love. If you want to see how it sounds check out the brand new podcast "Musically Ill" on Soundcloud and the mixtape section full of free downloads. So Promoters, if you want the Magic Tuts to bring you some special vibes, just Link up! Were open to all kind of events. Music is made to be shared, so let us share it with you.

Respect in all aspects

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