Little Lion Sound was born in the City of Geneva in 2004. It all started from the love of reggae music of five12 years old youth living in the country side of Geneva. Following the reggae activity in Geneva, with shows from Raspect Promotion and many Dancehall Party, and a short work of Nico at Reggae Fever shop, one of the main Reggae record shop in Geneva. The idea of creating their own sound started. They begin to make some little dances with friends around Geneva and start a Radio Show on with Irie Crew, Standtall and many french veteran sound.

From 2004 to 2008, many members split from the crew but Nico kept the faith, and itís during the summer 2008 that Nico met Jannali, who is now the selector of the sound. From then the sound was composed of two men, Nico (MC) and Jannali (selector).??Since Jannali joined the crew, everything start to move faster. In 2008, Little Lion Sound made their own Sound system, wich stick to the jamaican tradition. Jannali also bring a Dancehall and Hip Hop touch to the sound wich was initially mainly a roots sound. With the Sound System, they started to play for many students party and got a good reputation over the new generation.

In 2009, Little Lion Sound started to promote shows bringing international artists and promoting local artists. 2010 was a new step for Little Lion Sound as they started to record artist with a mobile studio. Making their dub box stronger, and started to play abroad and begin to establish a strong connection with people over Germany and France. Nico left Geneva for New York during the summer, and Little Lion Sound start to have two basis, one in Geneva with Jannali, and one in New York with Nico. This trip of 3 months in New York, bring many things to the sound, as a strong link with artists. During this time in New York, Nico worked at Sleng Teng Records and got equipment for a studio in Geneva.

In 2011, Litte Lion Sound decides to bring their sound to a next level and started to tour with many artists, such as : Wayne Smith, Ranking Joe, Brother Culture and Echo Minott. They were the first sound to bring Wayne Smith on European tour ! Out of touring with artists, Little Lion Sound keep promoting party over Geneva and bringing well established artist in Geneva. During the same year, Little Lion Sound open their own Recording Studio, releasing mixtapes and working for many producers and sound system.In te same period, they started a radio show on radio-usine every monday, called ęRocking TimeĽ.

In 2012, Little Lion Sound start a tour with band alongside Positiv Band and Al Campbell. They also stick to their main aim promoting local artist as Danitsa, Nello B and Triba. Nowadays we looking forward to the future always trying to bring new things in the business and making the people enjoying their party to the fullest.

Since the creation of Little Lion Sound, they played more than 300 dates in many countries, like : Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belguim, Spain, UK, America and Switzerland. Playing from the deppest roots to the early dancehall selection, Little Lion Sound always tries to give a overview of the jamaican music history and itís influence, always with a touch of originality.

We have to give thanks to all the people who support us throughout the years such as : Unity Sound, Lion Youth, Positive Airline, Derrick, Koogah, General Lee, Ranking Joe, Wayne Smith, Echo Minott, Sound Salute, Al Campbell, OBF and many more.... We have also to give thanks to all the promoter, and massive who invite and support us throughout the years

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