Spinning the turns since 2008 – LiftedSelection Sound used to be a group of four before their fifth member Island Selecta joined the soundsystem1 in 2011 to complete the crew with his experience as a selector that he acquired throughout the last seven years. It now consists of the following members:

- Island Selecta (Selector2)
- Mistah Ministah (Selector/Host)
- Nils (MC/Main-Host)
- Iriginal Blenda (Selector/Mixing/Operator)
- Sensi (Selector/Vocalist)

Their goal is to push Reggae & Dancehall music all over Switzerland and especially in Glarus, their quaint hometown which is located in the foothills of the Alps.

After discovering an old Bounty Killer album (in 2005) they soon started buying more and more Jamaican vinyl records that they used to play on a single Technics turntable. Once having bought their second record player, they soon got into juggling & mixing a straight vintage selection properly (2008).

Since the output of the Jamaican vinyl industry started to decrease and getting tunes digitally was a lot faster & easier, they had to come up with a solution: being the purchase of a “Rane/Serato - Scratch Live” interface. Now they were able to even play the latest Jamaican releases as well as their first dubplates3. As they were given the opportunity to start their first monthly “dance” (2009) at a local bar in Näfels called “Baraggä-Palace”, a new perspective opened up for them. The events enjoyed great success so they were offered the chance to host a regular dance4 (2010) at “Holästei Club” in Glarus. It was through this year that they bought more & more equipment such as mixers, soundcards & microphones to complete their recording studio where they now frequently produce mix-cd's.

Since every sound-member has his special genre in Reggae or Dancehall they play a broad variety of the music which has its origin in Jamaica - from Rocksteady over Roots, One Drop, Dub & early deejaying to the latest Jamaican Dancehall Releases of the actual month - Lifted Sound covers everything a real Reggae lover’s heart demands.

Their style goes from blending, mixing, selecting & sampling to a hard pull up5 with a matching introduction of the following tune.

Lifted Selection Sound’s main aim is to introduce the music they cherish to a growing massive6 and build up a Reggae movement in their home canton of Glarus. The situation concerning parties got quite difficult for them, when they moved their successful regular dance to the larger Holästei club in Glarus. They had to find out that the Reggae massive they had built up was limited to only around one-hundred people of their own or even a little older generation. To fill the club and make their parties beneficial, they had to perform aggressive marketing in order to convince a younger generation of their music. These days, people grow up with mostly electronic and pop-music they hear on TV or the radio. Convincing these mainstream bound people of a different genre was and still is not easy. Through their sound members Nils and Iriginal Blenda who started the YourBrands.CH project a couple of years ago, the sound got to know Alex Hug (in 2011 – owner of who proved to be their greatest supporter. Without his help, Lifted could have never afforded a marketing portal such as their own homepage which they launched in early 2012. Alex is now responsible for almost every Flyer, Mixtape or other Graphic design being released by the soundsystem and they deeply appreciate his commitment to them.

Now they had the base to successfully push their mixtapes which they started recording in 2011. By giving away their mix-cd’s for free, Lifted was able to convince even more people of the energy hidden in Reggae Music. Prejudices like “One can’t dance to Reggae” were extinct in no time and the future is going to show whether the “DanceTal” (Tal = German for valley) was revitalized successfully.

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