Back in 2001, when reggae was still very underground in dem home town, Lausanne, three long time friends (Frenchie, Bautista and Chukky) always hanged out at the Byblos Bar, the only place playing reggae music at this time…they were ketching dem first vibes, listening to sounds like Bam-Bam (Iggy big up yourself..), Three Youths (Kemba’s first crew) and few others… In 2003, they decided to build their own sound under the name of SOLDIA SOUND. The new crew get few dates in the city and started to spread their name playing wid some other local sounds (Black Diamond, Walliza,…) and after one year of activity along wid the Domino Sound (Kemba and Neya), the two crews decided to become one keeping the name of SOLDIA. They quickly got the residency in a club in Lausanne where they played along the finest Swiss (Unity, Goldrush Intl., Ruffpack, …) and International (Massive B, Rodigan, Tony Matterhorn, Sentinel, Supersonic, Chris Goldfinger,…) sounds.

Playing in this club gave the crew a lot of experience and the opportunity to meet CAMHA J, a jamaican youth who just arrived in Switzerland…CAMHA J quiclky became SOLDIA new MC and they started to spread their name further and further in the country… In 2005 SOLDIA SOUND won the first edition of the 1-2-3 BADDA DAN upcoming sound clash…winning dis clash offers the crew the opportunity to established dem self more and more. In 2006 they organize their first tour along with JAGWA (Alliance) a rising deejay from Jamaica, they also had their first trip to yard (BIG UP NAGGO’S HEAD BASHMENT FAMILY EVERYTIME, Yannick yuh done know)and last but not least they welcomed a new member in the unit...Vinz, Ex-Walliza Sound joined dem with his hard MC skills...(Mario yuh large… Don’t stop reppin’ Walliza hard in Australia !)

... 2007 was a busy year for the crew….They’ve been travelling the whole country spreading their vibes all over (Caprices Festival, Paleo Festival to name a few)…they also get a new residency in one of the most famous club in Lausanne (come check dem at their monthly dance « FIRE FRIDAYZ » at the LOFT CLUB)…More Recently they entered the international edition of the 1-2-3 BADDA DAN Sound Clash…they reached to the second place clashing versus experienced sounds from London (Ghetto Genius..big up), New-York and Gambia…well dat was a few words about SOLDIA SOUND and if you want to know more about the crew check out fi dem in a dance near you!

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