Ma Gash Intl was founded in 2005 by a large group of friends from Geneva who loved Reggae Music and had been going to dancehall nights for several years. The group grew and made it up to nine members including several mc’s, selecta’s, operators, designers and more. Ma Gash first got known in Geneva City by playing monthly at a club called K-Bar located in Artamis.

The crew started promoting dancehall partys inviting many sounds from Geneva and other Swiss Cities, and was soon invited to play in other parts of switzerland as well. Having studied Reggae Music and the Sound System Industry for many years, Ma Gash always shows interest in Soundclashes and won the first Geneva 45’ Clash in 2006, which they won again in 2008. The crew also came in second the next year in the Matterhorn Cup Clash, counting 12 sounds from the whole of Switzerland. In 2008, Ma Gash takes a new direction with selectors moving all over the world. They start playing in New York, Montreal and Sydney becoming an international sound system representing Switzerland around the globe. Ma Gash has played with Sound Systems and Djs like Richie Feelings, Vertex Sound, Crystal Sound, Starcade Disco, Dj Vincz Lee, Unity Sound, Ruffpack Intl and many more Swiss sounds.

The crew has also played with artists like Demarco, Assassin, Errol Dunkley, Echo Minott, LMS, Tiwony, Straika D and more. Ma Gash Intl is always ready to mash up any dancehall with their finest selection going from Ska to Dancehall, including Reggae and Hip-Hop. Often performing with two mc’s at a time, along with dancing crews, the crew promotes entertainment to the fullest! MUSIC FOR LIFE ! Dat we say! !

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