Bass Odyssey

From the hills and valleys of Alexandria, St. Ann, Jamaica; hails one of the world's most reputable JUGGLING and CLASHING sound...ZEE ORIGINAL BASS ODYSSEY. Founder and sole owner Keith Walford works with the ten OFFFICIAL selectors/deejays; MARK, SQUINGY, DWAYNE, WORM, DAMION, CHARLEY GLOCK, LEXXY, SHANE, SHOOTAH and HARRY D to strengtren as well as maintain a solid name as a foundation sound system still going strong. Winners of numerous trophies accumilated over approximately two decades, BASS ODYSSEY is recognized as a global clashing champion sound. However, the ten selectors are masters at the turntable for maashin up dancehalls with ZEE ORIGINAL JUGGLING TECHNIQUES. we are doing this *about me* section in an original fashion and stylee where we will post what people recall about Bass Odyssey. >>this is an avid fan recollection of Bass Odyssey.... and quote: Bless up to the whole crew. To father keith from back in the days when i was a bank teller in browns town and the i used to pass thru. foundation thinner one from black melody days. from the days when the likkle gray nissan used to carry the turnatable from mandiville to bumber lawn claremont. to squingy from white river park bash when the buju 'murderer' dub kill 8 sounds. Mark from school days play spinning with ninja in browns town every friday. even though you were a genius in school work you transfer the energy to music and is one of the few yutes dat nobody dont disrespect in the biz just like at Y.C. big up glama g too as i cant forget the early days of the musical twins 'glama and squingy' Dwanye from school days likewise, worm big long time trodding love how yuh step up now. to the new yutes dem dat i not really familiar with yet. mek mi try sey like the tanya 'o what a day dub' - mark, squingy, worm, damion, harry d, lexxy, shooteh, charley glock..... but the energy is that classic inimitiable bass oddyssey country sound. bass odyssey is more than a dub loaded sound, its more than the best juggling sound, is more than the best team of selectors... bass odyssey represent the poorest people of the jamaica countryside who are ridiculed, scorned, seen as backward and unintelligent. even the christian going to church feel the joy from the togetherness that B. O. brings to people and communities. B.O. represents the hope within and the encouragement that you can make it no matter where you're from. B.O. show that you dont have to go to a top unversity or claim the term musicologist to make the old and young dance together on christmas eve, new years day or easter monday in st dacre. Bass odyssey is the reason I feel proud to say country for life. i may be wrong but i recall bass from 1989. that's 17 years of championing the hearts minds and grit of the people of coutry. Keep it up. jah guide. --- ---I could go on and on - the full has never been told --- thanks for the add. >>>>End Of Quote. the contributor u kno yuself...and nuff respect. Bass Odyssey Entertainment is expanding its routes of entertaining the massive worldwide. Look out for Zee Original Logo and be guaranteed anthing we stamp it on you are guaranteed the highest level of satisfaction. FROM COUNTRY TO THE WORLD... ITS BASS ODYSSEY ENTERTAINMENT.

- the host is responsible fi di votings! he have to announce every sound fi a fair vote! the host can not vote! the host translate wha di massive vote! the decision of the host is the law! the host can stop a soundrun if he see, or the jury tell him that the playin' sound disrespect the rules!

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