Baddis Crew

Baddis Crew was formed out of five single DJs: Herbal Q, Minista, 3 Star, Trini-T and Rap-E are household names in the Swiss Reggae and Dancehall scene. Herbal Q, an avid Reggae and Dancehall record collector, used his first visit to Jamaica in 1988 as a springboard to be a founding member of the Ganglords, a Reggae/Dancehall Backing Band which recorded two well respected albums and dozens of 7”s in Kingston in the early 90’s. In 1994 Minista decided to invest some money in two MK II and a mixing console. Influenced initially by old school Hip Hop and British HC he has developed into one of the best booked club DJ in Switzerland, rocking the crowd with his Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall style. 3 Star’s affection for Dancehall and Soca started on a trip to Trinidad & Tobago in 1999. Dancehall classics from the 90’s are his specialtity. Trin-T’s aquaintance and well grounded knowlege of Soca and Calypo is surely no coincidence due to dual Swiss and Trinidadian Citizenship. Starting out his carreer with Hip Hop Rap-E’s fascination with Reggae and Dancehall has led to his accompaning Herbal Q as a sideman before the Baddis Crew times. Everthing started off with 3 Star and Trin-T promoting an evening at the legendary Bar 57, called Caribbean Splash. On the turntables: Minista, Herbal Q and Trin-T. Herbal’s suggestion to found a soundsystem and including Rap-E as a member was promptly accepted. After finding the appropiate name Baddis there has been no looking back. June 2001 finds Minista promoting the first Baddis Dance at Schüür together with the mighty Pow Pow Movement from Cologne, Germany. The night was a monster success and due to popular demand Minista’s promotion of Dancehall Xplosion is still a very well attended regular event. A trip to Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2002 was a memorable time and served with Trin-T’s warm family connections helped to enrich the wide musical Baddis repertoire. Once in the caribbean Baddis took the opportunuity to profit from Herbal’s previous experience in Jamaica to go over and get their first dubplates voiced. Once Back in Switzerland the need to promote the realivtely unknown Reggae, Dancehall and Soca scene became quite clear. Untiringly they begin to play all over Switzerland and also in Germany to spread the positive vibes. The universal appeal of Baddis Crew’s music transcends political and social agendas while spreading good music and promoting peace and righteousness on earth. Baddis has big respect for Rastafari and readily acknowledge their influence on the whole Reggae Music. That’s why Baddis Crew is playing not only Bashment and Jump Up (like most of the new sounds do) but also Reggae and Roots in the tradition of jamaican soundsystems. As Jimmy London would sing: Baddis is the sound that slowly grows and grows… A highlight in their musical career was the victory at their first sound clash called >Guns Out 45 Shoot Out< in Zurich in march 2005 when they eliminated the current Swiss Clash 04 winner Ruffpack, Fred & Barney from Germany and One Blood Selector from Bern.

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