SOLDIA SOUND was founded in 2003 by three friends (Bautista, Frenchy & Chukky). They decided to build their own sound coz dem time deh reggae music was still underground in dem hometown (Lausanne, Switzerland), only a few crew were active. After one year they decided to gather wid another local sound, DOMINO SOUND formed by Kemba & Neya... The Crew start to build their name, playing wid Swiss Sounds such as GOLDRUSH INTERNATIONAL, UNITY SOUND, RUFFPACK, BLACK DIAMOND,.... In 2003 they met CAMA J, a Jamaican youth who just arrived in Switzerland...he becomes SOLDIA SOUND official MC. With their little experience and a MC fresh from JA, the crew was ready to buss...they quickly become one of the most requested sound around the town, they perform wid big international sounds such as DAVID RODIGAN,TONY MATTERHORN,MASSIVE B,CHRIS GOLDFINGER,SENTINEL,SUPERSONIC and artists such as ECHO MINOTT, SISTER NANCY & JAGWA. 2005 was the crowning year for SOLDIA SOUND, they won the 123 Badda Dan swiss upcoming soundclash.....winning dis clash offers the crew the opportunity to spread their name in the whole country... SOLDIA SOUND is now one of the top sound in the country, spreadind good vybz and reggae music all over, so check out for a SOLDIA dance near to you !
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