Kevlar Tone

In the summer of 2002 Guvenah got really serious while spending time in Washington DC and started to build his sound piece by piece; Guvenah even ask an architect friend to construct Kevlar's coffin for the set "Custom Made". When he returned to 90's in 2003 his collection of big 45's has reached maximum. Now Guvenah is recording his whole collection of 45's on cd, (As most sounds know this move is extremley tiresome but due to the rise of cost for flight -baggage this action is necessary). Kevlar has played in other domestic areas such as Washington DC as "Vibes Galore" and San Diego 3 years in a row @ Martini Ranch and other venues with the most popular sound in the bay area Tribe of Kings. Guvenah who is of Portmore JA and grew up in Southern US till coming to NY in the early 90's started to stretch Kevlar name further by being invited by "Small Axe Sound" from Aachen , Germany to play alongside them King Tubbies/UK, and Stuttgart's own Skillsbattery, and Frankfurt's Bunafire Sound. Earlier that year Guvenah played with Small Axe @ David Rodigan's 25th Anniversary held @ Hahn Airport with Stone Love, Sentinel, Ward 21, Massive B, and many others in 2003. That is where Guvenah gained love for big crowds and now Kevlar has played in front of crowds in NY and Europe reaching over 4,000. Kevlartone played for Westchester's 9th Annual Reggae Fest with many Veteran artist including Frankie Paul, John Holt, Gregory Issacs to name a few. Kevlar has tour the following countries and cites during the years of 2003 - 2006 Germany- Stuttgart, Dresden, Frankfurt -Achafenberg, Wiesbaden 45 Clash with Berlin's Barney Millah(3), Koln, Efurt, Aachen. Switzerland- St.Gallen, Zurich, Basel, Biel-@Coupole w/ Ruff Pack/ Supersonic/ Black Spider (2), An special guest apperance in Winterthur with Ruff Pack. Austria- Vienna w/ Rebel Radio Italy-Viereggio w/ Soul Roots fr. Roma, and Sensi sound fr. Bologna and Venice. 2007- Has been busy in Jan and Feb with dates in Dresden, Germany- Dublin Ireland ls Worries International -Wuppertal, Germany ls Running Irie - Linz et Amstetten, Austria. Portugal and Brazil Summer 2007 Note: "There may be dances I don't remember , please forgive me as I may have forgotten those memories but kept them deep in my heart." This year is new expansion and new improvements for Kevlartone Studio with long time new comer lol... Dyamond born Mountain View, JA yute and the first DJ/MC from Kevlar stable is excellent soldja with extreme talent. Selekta Twice is totally a reggae dancehall guide and now he is using his talent on staff with VP Records and is no longer with us,we wish him all the luck in the world on his future endeavors and thank him dearly for all the work he has put in for Kevlar over the years. Large up to a brand new soldja on Kevlar Staff named Ess Black for years dis yute been around sound for some time born Papine,Kingston Jamaica, his family migrated to New York with him at a very young age. He grew up around big sounds like his family owned Sting International in the early to mid 90's, and hung around the local big sound Emperor Star. Emperor Star bred one of the greatest selecta/MC that we have today name Scorpion who is now one of the owners of Earth Rula NC/NY and the heavily underrated Jungle who is a well versatile selector and creator/owner of Emperor Star. Ess will be di future of Kevlartone and is ready to warr anyday but juggling chune is his heart. We will be touring Switzerland together this year in May 2007, look out fi him!!

In closing, Thanks to all and don't forget we're in stages on our website you will soon be able to buy custom made studio cd projects from Kevlartone Studio archives. Big up all studios and Don One Dub plant and ED Robinson, my Engineering friends in California, Don Carlos eng "Jahfadda" for continuing to provide Kevlar with the real steel of ammunition over the years. Big up mih Bredrin for life Luciano Di Messenjah for a great Kevlartone Studio catalog for years to come. Big up Michele on her work for building this site for the Kevlar family, you????u?'re truly great! Large up all 90tz family especially East 94th Watch out for wi pickney outta road yer!! Big up King Fila too ca orignal 90tz family yeah Hitman yuh large! Cyan forget Big sound like mih friends Mighty Goldstone, Magnum mih Duupes Raspect till di next level! Ryderz family E94th badmon yea, Doggfather family, GW, Get Madd Crew, 21st, New Lots. Big up all Crown Heights family and Carnasie, ENY, 80's et 50's, Flatlands, basically BROOKLAWN as of whole.

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