If you think Tony "Mentally Ill" Matterhorn is only hyper at a session to ignite a crowd, then you are sadly mistaken. In a simple conversation it is almost exhausting to listen to him speak so passionately about music - a subject obviously close to his heart; his energy is infectious. He has traveled around the world several times, carrying dancehall to its four corners. Whether for the British Link Up during Easter, the slew of summer parties or for Delano's revenge, which kicks of the Christmas party season, Mr. Mentally Ill always returns to Miss Maggie. He even attributes his duller than expected performances to arguments he has with his now well-known mother. If for nothing else, Matterhorn never forgets his roots and he even admitted that he thought of returning to King Addies.

In a relatively short time and in an unusual setting - outside the Asylum Niteclub - Matterhorn covered everything from the 'war' with Firelinks, the talent of Wyclef Jean at Fully Loaded, Beenie Man's ingenuity, and, of course, the supposed lyrical slaughter of Bounty by Merciless at Sting. Matterhorn spoke of creating the war between himself and Firelinks and how this war played into maintaining Links' popularity. He did admit that Links got the better of him on a few occasions but still boasted of his superiority. Matterhorn also hoped that Links would be able to "maintain and manage the hype." As for Wyclef's performance at Fully Loaded, he acknowledged Jean's skill and use of dubs from a wide variety of persons but still asserted his superior talent for pleasing the people. He pointed out the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of faithful fans who remained in the rain just to listen to him play. Obviously, he noted, "Ah me own di beach." ...

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